We believe that improving human performance is the single most important contributor to saving lives in healthcare.

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Preventable Patient Harm

by the Numbers*

*Patients harmed in the USA since January 1, 2014

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Newsroom & Blog

What Does “Chasing Zero” Mean to the “Man on the Street”?

By Frank Harris Several days ago, I had the opportunity to have dinner with an old college buddy, Rich, whom I hadn’t seen in more than 15 years. After we reminisced about college, asked who we each kept up with from college (almost no one honestly), talked about kids, wives, and parents, the conversation turned... Read more »Read More

Simulation: The Perfect Place to Fail in the Midst of the Ebola Crisis

By Stephen Powell Hospitals are dangerous places – whether you are a patient or a healthcare professional. Failure is not an option and has deadly consequences when it comes to medical errors. That said, human error is a symptom, not a cause of preventable patient harm in our healthcare system. Our best learning comes from... Read more »Read More

Who Owns Patient Safety in Your Hospital?

By Julie Herges Gapstur The last time I walked into a conference room full of C-suite healthcare executives, one of the first things I asked the team was, “Who owns your safety data?” (This was, of course, after we had shown them a pretty dismal report on the culture of safety in their institution.) I... Read more »Read More

The Dangerous Improvement Plateau – Keeping Zero Harm Within Reach

By Daniel Baily I was recently at a large hospital in the northeast to support their safety culture measurement efforts. This hospital is doing everything right. They constantly scan webinars, conferences, and books for new tools and evidence regarding improvement. They are already years into a “High Reliability Organization” strategy. They have trained teams, reworked... Read more »Read More