We believe that improving human performance is the single most important contributor to saving lives in healthcare.

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Preventable Patient Harm

by the Numbers*

*Patients harmed in the USA since January 1, 2014

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Newsroom & Blog

Is Hospital Rounding Dead on Arrival?

By Richard Stone Over the past few years many of our colleagues in the field have lauded hospital rounding as the near-panacea for all that ails a hospital. If only the charge nurse will round regularly on the patients on her floor asking a few canned questions based on gross measurement criteria defined by HCAHPS,... Read more »Read More

Synensis Names Datix Executive to Advisory Board

Dan Taylor, the vice president of global sales and marketing for London-based Datix, has joined the Synensis Advisory Board, the company announced today. Datix offers clients web-based patient safety software, and Taylor’s knowledge of the healthcare industry in general – and patient safety specifically – will be a strong asset for Synensis, which is a... Read more »Read More

Ebola Readiness Webinar Now Available On Demand

A webinar that attracted more than 500 healthcare professionals, “The Ebola Response: How to Create Flexible Teams and Systems Using High-Reliability Practices,” has been made available on demand as a result of its popularity, Synensis announced today. The one-hour event can be viewed by clicking here. The webinar presents the latest thinking on preparing for... Read more »Read More

We Have Met the Enemy to Zero Preventable Harm, and It Is Us…

By Frank Harris My last blog, What Does “Chasing Zero” Mean to the “Man on the Street”?, made its way to LinkedIn with a post titled, “Is it time to include the public in our little secret that hospitals are amazingly unsafe?” and generated over 80 comments. The breadth of opinions on the causes of... Read more »Read More